Netflix Binge, Billionaire Buys Climate Change and Pew Surveys U.S. Energy Opinions

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This is Issue No. 4 of Carbon Creed. Last week our top two articles were The 12 Coolest Features of Tesla’s CYBRTRCK Pickup and Pulling CO2 Out of the Air and Using it Could be a Trillion-Dollar Business.

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Netflix “Binge” Watching Makes Carbon Emissions Worse

The carbon emissions generated by watching a half hour of Netflix is the same as from driving almost 4 miles. Guess what happens when you watch a whole season?  Big Think

Climate Activists Turn Their Attention to Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is now a global tradition and, for climate activists, a global problem. Young and old worldwide held thousands of demonstrations Friday to protest climate change and overconsumption ahead of a United Nations climate conference Monday.

Do you think this tactic of weekly protests is working? Email your thoughts. USA Today


Pew Survey Takes Public Pulse on Energy and Climate

Amid deadly wildfires in California and increased flooding along the U.S. East Coast in 2019, most Americans say the effects of climate change are already upon us — and that the U.S. government isn’t doing enough to stop it, according to a new public opinion survey by Pew Research. Pew Research

The Pope Might Make Destroying the Earth a Sin

Pope Francis is not your average pope. He’s weighed in on prison reform and women’s rights, and he wrote a whole encyclical on climate change in 2015. At the 20th World Congress of the International Association of Penal Law, Francis waded into the climate change debate again with an unusual idea: perhaps environmental destruction should be classified as an official sin. Grist

Is the Pope an effective advocate for climate change? Email your thoughts.


Billionaire Bloomberg Buys 'Climate Change' on Google

When you have Mike Bloomberg money, there is no shortage of ways to spend it. Bloomberg announced he was seeking the Democratic nomination for president along with plans to spend up to $1 billion of his own fortune on his campaign. What he didn’t announce was his role as the new climate clarion.

Journalist Kate Aronoff tweeted about seeing Bloomberg ads pop up whenever she Google searched climate-related terms.  Bloomberg ads were appearing at the top of searches for phrases including “climate change,” “climate crisis,” “climate breakdown,” “global warming,” and this year’s word of the year, “climate emergency.  

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Earther (photo credit: Vanity Fair)

Chart of the Week: DOE Fuel Costs for All Vehicle Types

The Department of Energy (DOE) released annual fuel cost data for 2019 model year (MY) vehicle types.  This is why it makes sense (and cents) to buy an electric vehicle (EV) over an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. US DOE


Clean Technology was Thought to be Un-investable.  
No More.

Clean Energy Ventures just raised $110 million for their inaugural fund, which will back early stage companies creating technologies and products that seek to vastly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The fund’s strategy has been simple: instead of looking for start-ups that are trying to disrupt entire industries, focus instead on those that can improve existing value chains. Instead of disrupting an industry, make it orders of magnitude better. CNBC


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