Friday open thread: the carbon creed (part 1)

(image: Jack Canfield)

Today, I’m happy to release the Carbon Creed affirmations (part 1). If you read this newsletter regularly, you have an idea of how my lens works. These affirmations are a starting point in my journey to help others frame their carbon and climate values:

  1. I believe all humans desire clean air, clean water and good health. This is a universal truth that transcends race, gender, nationality and politics.

  2. I believe rising carbon emissions present an existential threat to human health, the economy and the planet.

  3. I believe all people must adopt values that advance decarbonization and mitigate climate change.

  4. I believe humans have the ability to adapt and can solve the effects of climate change through innovation and data.

  5. I believe members of each generation have a shared obligation to be sustainable stewards of the Earth’s finite resources.

  6. I believe it is more important to listen to other views and seek common ground than to impose my own opinions about climate change.

Which affirmation(s) stand out to you? Why?

Feel free to share your thoughts with the community.