Life well lived...

Life Well Lived

A life well lived is a precious gift
Of hope and strength and grace,
From someone who has made our world
A brighter, better place
It’s filled with moments, sweet and sad
With smiles and sometimes tears,
With friendships formed and good times shared
And laughter through the years.
A life well lived is a legacy
Of joy and pride and pleasure,
A living, lasting memory
Our grateful hearts will treasure

- Author Unknown

My dad, Walter L. McLeod Sr. passed on Monday, May 31, 2021. He was both my father and friend.

Thank you all for your words of comfort and strength over the past few weeks- it has been a true blessing.

I never thought that writing a newsletter about carbon and climate could result in such a tremendous network of friends - I’m both honored and humbled by it all.

Again, thanks for your support - the Creed resumes next Sunday.